Mar 9, 2011

Ramadanman / Pearson Sound: interview

ramadanman/pearson sound

V sobotu oslavi Vibrator sve 1. narozeniny v klubu Roxy. Loni probehlo hned pet akci, mezi hosty excelovali Zinc, Zombie Nation, Boy 8-Bit, Drop The Lime a Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team. Vsechny meli absolutne vytecnou atmosferu a to vse jen diky vam. Dekujeme!

A je tu pravy cas vse nalezite oslavit a odstartovat druhou sezonu. Hlavnim hostem vyrocniho vecera je anglicky DJ & producent Ramadanman / Pearson Sound plus nasi domaci hrdinove Smack, Side9000 a resident vecera Tvyks.

Pred par dny Myclick & K8 vyzpovidali naseho hosta z Londyna, ceska verze rozhovoru je na A jeho originalni zneni jen o par radku nize.

ENG: And the original interview comes right after the click.
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It is the first time you are coming to Prague. What have you heard so far about the country/city, how do you imagine it feels like? What do you want to do/see the most when you are here?

I'm very excited to visit - i have heard that it is a beautiful and historical city! And the Roxy too is very well known, it's a legendary club. Unfortunately i don't have much time to see the city when i come on the 12th, so hopefully i'll be able to come back another time with a more relaxed schedule.

You spent recently some time in France – how do you find local music/club scene there? It seems like they are not following the „UK sound“ that much as other music scenes in Europe...

Yes i think i agree, although there is still lots of quality electronic music coming from France at the moment. People like Onra, Debruit etc. I think it has been suggested that it was due to english language being less well spoken in France than in say Belgium or Germany, which i think i agree with.

Its well known that you have started with djing in early age, being an illegal yougster in an underground venues at the age of 14 something. What was your parent's attitude? Did they have understanding for you, were they concerning your passion for music or you was just kind of a „troublemaker“ for them?

Haha i didn't start going to clubs until i was more like 17 - and it was never on a school night, so i was pretty good kid, not a troublemaker. Although maybe the loud bass from my speakers annoyed my parents occasionally. But they have always been very supportive of my music for sure.

ramadanman/pearson sound

What you were doing just in the moment you got to know that you was awarded in the's survey as a producent of the year in two categories. What was your feelings?

I posted on facebook recently that it was an honour to be voted 'best producer' and that i was thankful to everyone who was supporting my music. But the concept of the awards did leave me a bit uncomfortable, as i do not view music as a competition, and calling someone 'best producer' is so subjective when there are so many talented people out there.

Which machines you prefer to use nowadays? Do you still play from vinyls as well?

I have a lot of vinyl, i don't play it in clubs very often. I use Serato controlled by vinyl instead. My DJ schedule is busy nowadays, and using Serato allows me to bring a lot more music with me that physically possible. For example, next weekend i will play Bloc festival, then Prague, and then Fabric for an after party at 10am. I will be playing different types of set at each occasion so Serato enables me to be flexible, as well as saving me a lot of money on baggage charges at the airport. Also clubs these days do not look after their turntables very well, so sometimes playing vinyl is difficult due to bad needles, badly isolated decks, feedback etc.

Cliché question - what's your opinion on the fact that dubstep became kind of a mainstream genre with Prince Harry quoting in the Sun that he's a dubstephead and Britney Spears using the vibes in her tune? + Imagine a situation: The phone rings. It is Madonna's manager or Madonna herself asking you to create a sound on her upcoming album. Would you set up the conditions of collaborations or would you accept it just because and meybe even disobey your normal principles and create whatever the custom wants?

I don't mind really, as long as the artists and producers aren't being ripped off. I used to be more concerned about the whole commercialisation of dubstep but now i am not so bothered. I have had some interesting collaboration opportunities not so far off from Madonna so i like to keep an open mind. As long as i am not compromising my sound then i don't see a problem with that.

You often use various nicknames, sometimes just for yourself, sometimes for other projects. Tell us, who is Ramadanman, who is Pearson sound, whats Shetland or Maurice Donovan ? What is the sound difference if there is any..?

Sonically there isn't a difference between Pearson Sound & Rama. whereas Maurice Donovan is a more chicago house kinda sound, and Shetland was a 1-off collaboration. I like having lots of aliases, it adds some fun and mystery to it.

In your eyes, whats the difference between "refix" and "remix" of a track ? How do you usually pick up a song to be „refixed“ by your delicate touch? And how full is usually your soundcloud dropbox when you log in there?

Refix was just the term i use for remix, just cos it sounds nicer. Some remixes you know exactly what you want to change in the original, but sometimes you just get an idea going and the remix takes on a life of its own.

I don't really use soundcloud but i get sent a lot of tunes through email / aim etc. It's amazing to be sent so much unreleased music by producers and i am always thankful for that.

You do record your own ambience to the tracks, what is the most ridiculous sound you have probably recorded and used in some track afterwards?

Haha good question! In 'Void 23' there is recording of me and Appleblim going for a walk in the rain with an umbrella, and just joking about and talking rubbish. other than that, lots of train stations, airports, hotels. memories of places i have visited.

Any shout outs to Prague? :)

Looking forward to coming!
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