May 14, 2012

LOL Boys: interview

lol boys

Ceska premiera americko-kanadske dvojice LOL Boys na sobotni Vibrator party v klubu Roxy je uz vicemene na spadnuti. Verime ze jste stejne napjati jako my.

Pred par dny se nam podarilo s touto zamorskou dvojici spojit diky jejich oblibenemu a vsemocnemu "internetu". Rozhovor v cestine najdete u A pro vsechny milovniky angliciny prinasime prave a nefalsovane povidani s LOL Boys v originalnim zneni (bez titulku).

ENG: Original interview comes right after the click. Read LOL Boys interview now!

I see both of you living on the other side of the same continent, how did you met? And what was the key moment to start with LOL Boys?

We first met in a cooking class at local YMCA when we were both living in Chicago. The key moment was when one of us made the best artichoke-spinach dips either of us has ever had.

Tell us little bit more how do you work on such a long distance? Who does what, how often you have to meet in person, how you prepare for the shows...etc?

Luckily we both have “The Internet,” so we can send each other various project files back and forth in order to complete musical pieces. We meet in person as little as possible, as we both really enjoy “The Internet.” We also have tele-conferences via Skype to practice and prepare for our shows.

When it comes on describing your music the most frequently used word is percussive are there any other important characteristics man should use when trying to describe LOL Boys to a complete stranger?

There is always a bit of pop sensibility. It’s also densely layered, and above all its structure is influenced by dance music.

In your music man can hear lots of influences and genres, do you think eclecticism is the best (and maybe the only one) way for music to evolve? Why?

Eclecticism is quite important in one’s influences, and perhaps music can only evolve when one combines one’s eclectic influences into creating a melting pot of different styles.

BTW: What or who you consider as the biggest influence(-s) upon your own music production?

Dr. Dre

I really like Hot City x LOL Boys collab. Did you guys met in the studio for real or those tunes are propper internet virtual baby?

Thanks! We rented a “warehouse” in “Chicago” for a month and recorded the tracks using an old school 8 track tape recorder.

You are so active on Twitter account. One could easily have a feeling that that's the only thing you do all day. Do you have any jobs besides DJing and music production?

Well, there are two of us so think of our twitter account as a 2 for 1 special. Also, we are both involved in various day to day activities. From Jerome’s videos he makes and running his label Body High, to Markus’ work with his crew in Montreal, Boomclap.

LOL Boys are coming from web background. What pros and cons do you personally see in nowadays "virtual" music scene, all the blogs, social media…etc?

Pros: iChat File Transfers, Twitter, Dropbox

Cons: Viruses. Wormholes. Trojan Horses. Not having Wifi. Soundcloud Comments.

When is man making music or art nowadays he is maybe more powerful in promoting and spreading his creations than he can be ever before, isn't he? On the other hand thanks to all the modern equipment and technologies almost everyone can be an "artist" today and many stated that we should be afraid of over-production and losing quality. What you think about that?

The cream always rises to the top. Meaning something that’s good will stand out.

You have quite specific taste in a graphic design. Your tumblr is the real LOL thing. Are you making any of those jpgs and animated gifs by yourself?

Some of them we are ^__^ Others are just ones we are big fans of.

lol boys

What about connecting your live shows with all the visuals and making it little bit more audiovisual?

Yes! Working on it as we speak.

Who are your music buddies?

We are down to be music buddies with everyone really!

What are your upcoming releases and remixes?

A collaboration track with Grown Folk for 12" vinyl on Young Adults in Late June. Our next EP 'Changes' on Friends of Friends out in July.

Who do you think is the underrated artist?

Soulja Boy

This will be your second European tour. How do you remember the first one? Any good stories you can share?

We almost died in Barcelona. Ask us to tell you the story in person.

What comes first on your mind when you hear Prague and Czech Republic?

Beauty, Culture, Architecture, Food, Europe, Beer.

Any message fot the ones who'll come on 19th May to Roxy Prague to see you live?

Respek To You and Those Around You

Thanks a lot for your answers! Looking forward to your visit at Roxy!

lol boys

LOL Boys @ Vibrator, 19/05/2012 > Roxy Club, Praha: Facebook / Resident Advisor

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